رأيك يهمنا.. كيف تقيم الواجهه الجديدة لموقع بنك البلاد
رأيك يهمنا.. كيف تقيم الواجهه الجديدة لموقع بنك البلاد
رأيك يهمنا.. كيف تقيم الواجهه الجديدة لموقع بنك البلاد
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How would you rate the new look of our Website
How would you rate the new look of our Website
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Auto Financing "Murabaha"


​If your goal is to acquire a new car. We are pleased to tell you, "Done." Here we provide you soft financing programs with reassurance. We sell you a commodity after we own it and then put them in your hands and at your disposal.

Auto financing Murabaha program mechanism

  • The Bank acquire the  car desired by the customer from exhibitions and agencies accredited to the bank.
  • The bank then sell the car to the customer and transfer it to him.
  • The client later to pay the value of the car to the bank in the form of monthly installments in accordance with the contract conditions between the two parties.

Advantages of Auto financing Murabaha program
  • This is a Sharia-compliant financing service certified by the Bank's Sharia Board. The Bank profit is determined in advance. It does not include any increase not agreed upon even for past due payments. Shares are bought only after they have been endorsed by the Bank's Sharia Board.
  • The possibility of buying a new car desired by the customer in accordance with the credit limit available to him.
  • The possibility of repayment on affordable premiums suit the customer's monthly income for up to 60 months.
  • The possibility of funding request from all the bank's branches in all regions through the customer service staff.
  • Funding without a sponsor and without a first down payment 
  • Fast completion of all customer's financing request procedures.
  • Non-Saudi residents are eligible for financing
  • Allow early repayment system at any time in accordance with SAMA regulations.
  • Possibility of postponing one installment each year.
  • Possibility of postponing installments payments at the beginning of financing.  
  • Financing of up to 2,000,000 SR.
  • The client can pay partial premiums in advance in order to reduce the financing period.
  • The customer can get additional funding 
  • Retirees customers are eligible for funding.

Favorable terms
  • The customer should have a checking account with bank Albilad.
  • The customer should be at least 18 years old.
  • The customer should be on the job in one of the approved facilities with the bank in the public or private sector.
  • Customer's monthly net income should be at least SR 3,000 and 3,500 SAR for non-Saudi customers in government sectors or upon employer classification.
  • Converting the monthly salary of a client to a current account with bank Albilad by “SARIE” system.

Required Documents

To ensure the completion of your application rapidly and easily Please be sure to provide the following documents when applying:

  • Proof of Valid ID.
  • Copy of work ID for military sector staffs.
  • Fill out a form "request for car funding."
  • Letter of employer that includes salary and job details.
  • Salary transfer letter.

You can begin your application through our website. Apply Now 
We will be happy to receive your calls to our Albilad Sales on 8001236666