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GCC Real Estate Fund

The Mutual Fund of Real Estate Companies (Akar)

Akar is considered an ideal choice to capital gains in the long run. It invests in the shares of listed real estate companies in GCC. It complies with the Share'ah criteria of Bank Al Bilad's.
The activities of these real estate companies vary from managing real estates, valuing estates and assets, buying and selling services, feasibility studies, real estate development, and marketing.
The economic flourish in the Gulf region has fueled the real estate market which has created more investments and development opportunities. Therefore, a great deal of prestigious financial institutions provides opportunities to invest in real estate and capitalize on this boom.

Fund Objective

The fund's objective is to gain the highest possible returns in the long run (at least three years) by investing in shares of listed real estate companies in the GCC. In pursuing that goal, the fund adopted a cautious investment strategy by diversifying risks through out the GCC's markets.

Fund Features

Akar has several features:

  • Share'ah compliant.
  • Investing in financially sound companies.
  • Sophisticated management tools and strategies.
  • Simple subscription and redemption procedures that is available in all Bank Al Bilad branches.
  • Possibility of partial or complete redemption.
  • Statement distributed.

Fund Characteristics

Type of Fund Open.
Geographical zone GCC
Strategy Capital gain through long term investment in shares of real estate companies.
Currency Saudi Riyal.
Exposure to other currencies Any other country's currency that the fund invests in.
Risk level High
Benchmark Weighted average of the total market value of Share'ah compliant real estate companies in the GCC.
Unit price at inception 1 Saudi Riyal
Minimum SR 8,000
Minimum addition SR. 2,000
Minimum Redemption SR. 2,000
Subscription fees 3% from each subscription
Valuation price Orders submitted before end of day of each Sunday will be valued by next valuation day.
Valuation day Every Thursday
Valuation Basis Wednesday closing prices
Announcement day Every Saturday
Redemption day The Sunday after the announcement Thursday.
Redemption fees None.
Management fees 2% annual.
Fund manager Bank Al Bilad Asset Management.

Subscription Procedure

All what you have to do is come to one of Bank Al Bilad's branches and one of our staff will do the necessary.
Bank AlBilad head office


  • Open a current account.
  • Sign the Agreement.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Having a mail address.
  • Not less than 18 year old unless consent of a legal guardian is provided.

Documents needed

  • National ID card or family registration card for Saudis or Iqama and passport for non-Saudis.