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Kuwaiti Shares Fund

Kuwaiti Shares Fund (Al-Seef)

Kuwaiti Shares Fund, Al-Saif, form Bank AlBilad is a fund managed actively offering investors a distribution of risks over prime Kuwaiti shares listed and unlisted in the Kuwaiti exchange, thus enabling the Fund to achieve its capital growth long-term objective. The Fund uses selection criteria in accordance with Sharia controls used by Global Islamic Index. The Fund policy is to diversify investment risks over a number of sectors. This fund is distinguished by generating competitive returns while maintaining risk levels within normal acceptable limits.

Fund Objective

Al-Seef Fund endeavors to achieve its prime objective of achieving capital growth over the long term (at least three years) through investment in shares of high potential companies with attractive strengths and excellent performance in Kuwait stock exchange. To this end, the Fund has adopted a conservative investment policy to mitigate the risks generally associated with investment in shares by diversifying and distributing investment over a number of sectors based on investment and strategic forecasts determined by the Fund management.

Features of Al- Seef

The Kuwaiti shares fund, Al-Seef, from Bank AlBilad offers a range of unique features, including, for example:

  • Compliance with Sharia rules in all investment transactions.
  • Efficient investment based on airtight strategies focusing on the shares of solid companies with positive outlook over the long term in each GCC country separately.
  • The Fund is managed by an experienced team of professionals using modern scientific techniques.
  • Obtaining exceptional returns relieving you from the burden of searching for other investment instruments.
  • Easy subscription procedure with partial and full redemption (withdrawal) options.
  • Liquidity: The holdings in this fund can be liquidated immediately whenever you need cash money, with partial and full redemption (withdrawal) options.
  • Low commission rates on investment services.
  • Regular statement of account sent to the customer.

Features of the Fund

Type of Fund Open-end fund
Strategy of Fund Long term capital growth by investment in shares of Kuwaiti companies that are Compliant with Global Sharia Index
Currency of Denomination Kuwaiti Dinar (KD)
Other currencies affecting the Fund N/A
Risk level High
Bench mark Performance of Global Islamic Index which is listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange
Initial Unit price KD 1
Minimum subscription KD 800
Maximum additional subscription KD200
Minimum redemption KD 200
Subscription fee 3% of each subscription
Valuation price Applications received before the end of working day of Sunday shall be priced using the next day valuation price (Thursday).
Valuation day Each Thursday (before announcement day)
Basis of Valuation Closing price of each Wednesday.
Date of announcement Each Saturday
Date of redemption Each Sunday following Thursday on which basis valuation was made.
Redemption fee N/A
Management fee 1.75% p.a.
Fund Manager Bank AlBilad represented by its Asset Management
Investment Manager Global Investment House

Subscription Method

All you need is just a visit to one of our branches where one of our employees will be readily available to help you process your subscription in the Fund in a professional manner that takes into consideration your time and the seamlessness of your business in an atmosphere of comfort, care and attention.

Affordable Requirements

  • Open a current account with Bank AlBilad
  • Sign Fund Agreement
  • Complete Fund Subscription Application Form
  • Mail address
  • The customer should be at least 18 years of age. For those below 18, investment can be made under the auspices and supervision of a legal guardian or sponsor.


  • Valid ID (National Identity Card or Family Registration Book), Iqama and passport for expatriates.