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AlBilad Credit Card

World-class Credit Card

AlBilad Credit Card is a Sharia compliant world-class credit card, accepted at more than 21 million outlets in the Kingdom and worldwide. You can use it for cash withdrawal at more than half million ATMs and to pay for purchases at over 30 million POS in the Kingdom and abroad.

Features of AlBilad Credit Card

  • Sharia compliant credit card.
  • Supplement cards can be issue to family members.
  • Payment for purchases at more than 30 million POS in the Kingdom and around the world.
  • The card can be use to withdraw cash amounts from approximately 80,000 ATMs around the world.
  • Payment of card dues every 50 days (accounting cycle).
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Access to a host of services through AlBilad Phone banking and AlBilad Net.

AlBilad Phone banking Services

You can call AlBilad Phone banking to have any of the following services:


  • Payment of credit card billings by debiting your account with Bank AlBilad
  • Change PIN number

Personal Answer Services

  • Request increase of credit card limit.
  • Request deactivation of credit card
  • Request activation of credit card
  • Request statement of account to be sent by fax or mail.
  • Report about lost or stolen card.

"AlBilad Net" Services

  • Request credit card
  • Request deactivation of credit card (temporary)
  • Inquire about the transactions performed on credit card
  • Request increase of credit card limit.


  1. Completed current account opening form
  2. Valid ID (National Identity Card or Family Registration Card for Saudis, Iqama or passport for non-Saudis).
  3. Recent color photograph (optional)
  4. For employed customers (male and female), letter of employment from the employer including the following details: monthly salary (basic and benefits) position, grade title, date of joining, employment contract expiry date.
  5. For corporate customers, valid copy of commercial registration.