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AlBilad Phone Banking

A phone call with AlBilad Phone is a unique experience

For most your banking transactions, you need not come to the Bank premises. You can now initiate and perform your non-cash transactions through AlBilad Phone banking from the comfort of your home, office or elsewhere. Our state-of-the–art services are accessible 24-hours.

Host of Features

  • 24-hours access to banking services.
  • Free of charge processing of most of your banking transactions.
  • State-of-the-art communication technology and most sophisticated IVR systems.
  • State-of-the-art information security systems ensuring confidentiality and safety of your personal information.
  • You can follow up your account and carry out transactions from anywhere in the world.
  • Team of professional staff specially trained to answer your calls courteously and pleasantly.
  • Easy to follow instructions over the phone, which enables you to process your transactions quickly.

Extremely Easy Registration Process

For Bank AlBilad Customers:

To take advantage of AlBilad Phone banking Services, you should have a Phone banking PIN through any of the following methods:

  • Call AlBilad Phone banking directly, request a phone PIN and enter a PIN of your choice.
  • Choose your PIN through Bank AlBilad ATM; select "Other Services" from the list of services, then select "Create AlBilad Phone PIN" and enter a PIN of your choice.
  • Visit any of Bank AlBilad branches.

For Non-Bank AlBilad Customers:

Visit any of our branches to establish a new relationship with the Bank AlBilad. Do not hesitate to contact 24-AlBilad Phone banking where our professional staff will be pleased to answer your queries.

IVR Services

  • Balance inquiry
  • Last five transactions performed on the account
  • Request instant statement of current account in English or Arabic to be sent to you by fax or mail
  • Fund transfer between personal accounts
  • Fund transfer to another Bank AlBilad account
  • Fund transfer to any account at any local bank
  • Fund transfer to any account at any overseas bank
  • Change mail address
  • Check on the balance of card designated account
  • Request instant statement of credit card account in English or Arabic to be sent by fax or mail
  • Request increase of credit card limit
  • Payment of credit card dues
  • Request activation of credit card
  • Change PIN number of AlBilad Credit Card
  • Request checkbooks
  • Stop payment of checks
  • Bill Registration service
  • Direct payment of predefined and undefined utility bills
  • Payment of traffic violation tickets
  • Payment of passport and Iqama fees
  • Mutual funds service
  • Personal finance services
  • SMS mobile service
  • Change AlBilad Phone PIN

IVR Service

Simply press "0" and talk directly to one of our employees to help you or to request any of the following services:

  • Request reactivation of credit card
  • Request address change
  • Bill registration or cancellation of service
  • Report lost or stolen Bank AlBilad card (Credit cards & ATM cards)
  • Request of replacement AlBilad 24 card or AlBilad credit card
  • Request increase of credit card limit
  • Request activation of credit card.
  • Request instant statement of credit card account in to be sent by fax or mail.
  • Report your remarks, suggestions, questions or complaints.

Important Protective Recommendations

Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is of prime importance to us. It is our duty to maintain the confidentiality of any information relating to our customers and their financial affairs. You are strongly recommended to observe by the following recommendations in order to avoid any unauthorized access to your banking information, which may result in abusing such information:

  • Cooperate with the Bank staff when verifying certain personal details.
  • Never divulge your password to any one whomsoever, be it a friend, or a bank colleague.
  • Select a PIN that is difficult to guess or identify; never use your private commonly used names or numbers that may be easily guessed, such as phone number, P. O. Box number, date of birth, or employee number.
  • Don not use serial upward (1234), downward (4321) or repeated numbers.
  • Change your PIN whenever you are in doubt that someone may have had access to it.
  • It is advisable to change your PIN from time to time and regularly.
  • It is strongly recommended not use telephone sets with "dialed number memory" feature when you call AlBilad Phone banking, because any one can redial the last number you called and see your PIN. Therefore, after you finish your call with Bank AlBilad enter any number to delete your PIN from the phone memory.

AlBilad Phone banking Numbers

All Bank AlBilad customers:

Inside the Kingdom: 800 123 0000
Outside the Kingdom: 00966 1 291 8884
Fax: 00966 1 479 8909 ​