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Albilad Account

The first of its kind!

Albilad Account is the first account of its kind to be launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers freedom to the customer in managing and utilizing their accounts at any time. However, the account continues to yield profits for a balance of no less than SR 20,000. This account enables customers to invest their money while, at the same time, having high liquidity on hand. Customers, for example, can reach their accounts at any time through the ATM "Albilad 24", "Albilad phone", or "Albilad net".
Albilad Account is based on the Sharia concept of "Mudarabah". It has many features including flexibility, accessibility and regular profits, in addition to reduced risk. Features of AlBilad Net


Albilad Account has many features, including:

  • It is a Sharia based account
  • It is a flexible account that offers regular revenues to customers
  • It allows customer / bank to share the profits achieved through investment of customer deposits
  • Minimum qualifying amount for profit sharing is SR 20,000
  • Profits are computed on a monthly basis
  • It allows for cash withdrawal at any time using the globally accepted ATM card "Albilad 24".

Other services and facilities

Albilad Account offers other services and facilities, including:

  • The facility of obtaining a periodic statement of account
  • The possibility of tracking and managing accounts through e-channels: "Albilad 24", "Albilad Phone", and "Albilad net"
  • Acceptance of cash and check deposits by all branches of the bank
  • The possibility of transferring from an account to another (Internally, locally or internationally)
  • The facility of selling and buying currencies.

Simple Requirement

  • Opening a current account with Bank Albilad
  • Customer should be 18 years of age and above. Accounts for customers below 18 years must be opened and controlled by a custodian
  • The minimum amount for opening an account is SR 1,000 for individuals and SR 100,000 for enterprises

Required documents for opening Albilad Account

  • Completing AlBilad account agreement