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Securitization finance

Finance Secured by Assignment of Proceeds

Contracting is one of the essential sectors spearheading community economic development; the more active this sector is, so will be the country's economic indicator and vice versa. The Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing significant economic growth driven by the high oil prices, which resulted in launching large-scale development projects, especially infrastructure initiatives such as electricity, education, communication and other areas. Executing these projects would entail a strong contracting sector capable of meeting the needs of development. Hence, the need arises for banks and financing institutions to provide the liquidity required by these development projects in order to help the contracting sector accomplish this mission.

Finance Objective

  • Provide financing alternatives in compliance with Sharia rules and principles pursuant to which the bank was established, which are capable of meeting the financial needs of contractors.
  • Develop a an appropriate method through which the bank would be able to finance contractors taking into account the inherent credit risks associated with this kind of finance resulting from the nature of the contracting business while allowing the bank to control such risks which include the contractor being exposed to delay of payment by project owners and other potential exposures.

Financing Products Needed by Contractors

  • Different types of letters of guarantees (initial, final, advance payment, discounted payments, financial, marine).
  • Letters of credit (sight, deferred) and financing loans.
  • Short and medium term credit loans to finance receivables (billings) and other project requirements.