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Sharia Board

By the grace of Allah, Bank Albilad has since its inception committed itself to the application of the Islamic Sharia in all of its transactions. To be able to achieve such noble objective, the Bank has established an independent Sharia Board. All businesses of the Bank are submitted to this Board for verification of compliance with the rules of the Islamic Sharia. This policy is particularly prominent in the following aspects:

  • The Bank does not implement any product, contract, or agreement unless it has been submitted to, and gained approval of the Sharia Board.
  • Decisions of the Sharia Board are binding.
  • The Sharia Board contributes to the development of products that comply with the Sharia rules and observe the Islamic economy intents and objectives.
  • The Sharia Board contributes to disseminating awareness of the Islamic banking concepts within the Bank.

The Board consists of six (6) members specializing in the modern financial transactions. They are:

  • Shaikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman bin ManeaHead of the Sharia Board ,
  • Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Mutlaq,Deputy Head of the Board ,
  • Prof. Dr. Abdullah bin Mousa Al-Ammar, member,
  • Dr. Abdulaziz bin Fawzan Al-Fawzan,member,
  • Dr. Yusuf bin Abdullah Al-Shubaili,member, and
  • Dr. Muhammad bin Saud Al-Osaimi,member and secretary.

Preparatory Committee

One of the functions that emanate from the Sharia Board is the "Preparatory Committee". Consisting presently of four (4) Sharia Committee members, the Preparatory Committee performs many assignments, including the following:

  • Studying the subjects forwarded to the Board for initial perusal and verification for completeness prior to submitting them to the Board for final ruling.
  • Studying the Sharia-related inquires received from the Bank's employees and customers for appropriate guidance.
  • Studying initiatives for new products for appropriate guidance.

Sharia Group

Another function that emanates from the Sharia Board is the "Sharia Group". This is a dedicated unit that supports the Board in realizing its objectives and executing its assignments. The Sharia Group consists of (11) employees and three (3) departments. They are: (i) The Sharia Board Secretariat Department, (ii) Sharia Audit Department, and (iii) Research and Development Department.

Sharia Audit Department

The Sharia Audit Department ensures achieving of the Sharia Board vision and objectives through a series of tasks, including:

  • Conducting periodic field visits to the bank's departments and branches to ensure compliance with the Bank's Sharia policy;
  • Verifying that any activity, product, contract, or agreement executed by the Bank has been approved by the Sharia Board; and
  • Ensuring that all bank branches, departments and affiliates are committed to the implementation of the Sharia decisions in accordance with the forms, contracts, agreements and procedures approved by the Board.

Customer service excellence

We will aim to achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and delivering it flawlessly


Our strength and competitive advantage is and will always be our people. We commit to continually learning, sharing ideas and knowledge. We will empower our people, promote culture of responsibility, foster and recognize team work at all level of our organization

Corporate social responsibility

We commit to provide our colleagues with a safe and healthy working environment and will participate in the community by supporting education and other worthy causes

Head Office

Head Office: Riyadh


Bank Albilad seeks to expand all over Saudi cities and regions in addition to providing women's branches and banking services centers

Services and Products

Bank Albilad provides all banking products and services on all levels and segments:

  • Business finance products
  • Retail banking products
  • Investment products