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Soft Token

Multi Factor Authentication System

More Options for a Secure Electronic Banking

We at Bank AlBilad endeavor to provide you with best services. We implemented state of the art multifactor authentication system to provide additional security features to verify your identity. Protecting your personal information and providing safe electronic banking services.

The current Multifactor Authentication (MFA) System provides you with:

  • Highest degree of security protection for your Electronic Banking transactions.
  • Login to your service, you will be requiring a one time password which will be sent through SMS notification to the mobile number registered with us

Now, you have more authentication options to secure your electronic banking transactions wherever you are without waiting for an SMS any more

Mobile Token

  • It's a light application installed in your mobile
  • Unlimited one time password on the fly from your mobile
  • This application is available in various versions tailored for Apple,Blackberry, Android, Java devices and other smart phones

Advantages of this application

  • An application in your mobile that can be used anywhere/anytime
  • No network is required/suitable for low or no coverage areas
  • No extra charge on transferring application between mobiles, only reactivation is required

Device Token

  • A small hardware device that allows you to generate the one time password on the fly
  • Simply press the token button to generate the password

Download the application

Click Here