Transfer to Pakistan through Enjaz and award valuable prized

Win Motorcycle and Smart Phones

with Enjaz, send money to your loved ones in Pakistan through National Bank of Pakistan. Beneficiaries in Pakistan will have a chance to win Motorcycle and Smart phones. This offer is applicable for all transactions made through Enjaz channels & Bank Albilad E-channels (Enjaz App , Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz self-service machine , Enjaz POS, Enjaz centers).


  • Your beneficiary can pick up the remittance from any branch of National Bank of Pakistan or Pakistan Post Office.
  • You can send money to beneficiary bank account in National Bank of Pakistan
  • You will get the best Exchange rate
  • Free service charges through our e-channels only (Enjaz App, Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz POS)

​​Prize awarded

  • 10 Motorcycles 
  • 10 Smart phones

​Term and Conditions

  • Campaign starts on 15th May till 30th June 2020.
  • During the campaign period, any Enjaz customer who sent money to Pakistan through NBP Bank via Enjaz channels or Bank Albilad E-channels (Enjaz App, Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz self-service machine, Enjaz POS, Enjaz centers) will enter the draw automatically and the beneficiary will be eligible to win the prizes.
  • All Prizes will be awarded to Beneficiaries in Pakistan.
  • All winners will be notified by phone from National Bank of Pakistan

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