Win valuable prizes with Enjaz and UBL


Win Car and Motorcycles with Enjaz and UBL

​With Enjaz, send money to your loved ones in Pakistan through UBL. Beneficiaries in Pakistan will have a chance to win Car and Motorcycles when they receive transaction on UBL TEZRAFTAAR account. This offer is applicable for all transactions made through Enjaz channels & Bank Albilad E-channels (Enjaz App , Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz self-service machine , Enjaz POS, Enjaz centers).


  • The beneficiary can pick up the remittance from any UBL branch in Pakistan
  • You can send money to beneficiary TEZRAFTAAR account
  • Best Exchange rate
  • Free service charges through our e-channels only (Enjaz App, Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz POS)

​​Prize awarded

  • 60 Motorcycles (May, June, July)
  • Grand Prizes: Car (July)

​Term and Conditions

  • Campaign starts on 8th May till 31st July 2020.
  • During the campaign period, any Enjaz customer who sent money to Pakistan through UBL Bank via Enjaz channels or Bank Albilad E-channels (Enjaz App, Albilad App, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz self-service machine, Enjaz POS, Enjaz centers) will enter the draw automatically and the beneficiary will be eligible to win the prizes.
  • All Prizes will be awarded to Beneficiaries in Pakistan.
  • All winners will be notified by phone from UBL Bank

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