Win up to 1,000 with Enjaz & Western Union

Win up to 1,000 with Enjaz & Western Union

​Only with Enjaz, send money via our E-channels using WesterUnion and get a chance to be one of the winners who will win back the amount they sent. This offer is applicable for all money transfer sent through (Enjaz App  , Albilad NetAlbilad App)


  • Send money anywhere worldwide
  • Instant money transfer
  • Less Fees & Best Rates
  • Pay with any mada card

​Prize awarded

  • Cashback up to 1,000 SAR* for 100 winners. 
* Terms & Conditions Apply

Western Union Transfer Fees via our e-channels only

Indonesia 14 SAR
Sri Lanka14 SAR
India15 SAR
Bangladesh15 SAR
Nepal15 SAR
Philippines15 SAR
Vietnam15 SAR
Afghanistan15 SAR
Pakistan15 SAR
Yemen18 SAR
Lebanon20 SAR
Syria20 SAR
Jordan20 SAR
China20 SAR
Thailand 20 SAR
Palestine20 SAR
Bahrain20 SAR
Kuwait20 SAR
Oman20 SAR
United Arab Emirates20 SAR
Other Asian countries20 SAR
Sudan15 SAR
Egypt15 SAR
Morocco20 SAR
Kenya20 SAR
Uganda 20 SAR
Ethiopia20 SAR
Tunisia20 SAR
Algeria 20 SAR
Nigeria20 SAR
Ghana20 SAR
Other African Countries20 SAR
Turkey20 SAR
United Kingdom20 SAR
France20 SAR
Germany20 SAR
Netherlands20 SAR
Switzerland20 SAR
Spain20 SAR
Italy20 SAR
Other European Countries20 SAR
United States20 SAR
Canada20 SAR
Other North American countries20 SAR
All South American countries20 SAR
All other countries20 SAR

* All Fees are subject to VAT

Term and Conditions

  • Campaign starts on 1st July till 31st August 2020
  • During the campaign period, any customer who sent money using Western Union service via (Enjaz App, Albilad App, Albilad Net) will enter the draw automatically and will be eligible to win
  • All Prizes will be awarded in the Saudi Arabia
  • Draw attendance is not required to win
  • All winners will be notified by phone, and their names will be announced on Enjaz & Bank Albilad social media accounts
  • We will communicate with the winners through their mobile number registered in Enjaz or Bank Albilad, kindly ensure that your mobile number is updated
  • Cashback amount will be credited to the winner account in Bank Albilad or Enjaz Card account
  • If the principal amount of transfer is equal or more than 1,000 SAR -cash back will be 1,000 SAR. And if the principal amount of transfer is less than 1,000 SAR then, cashback will be the same principal amount of transfer sent by the customer.

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