​Sibor rate for the month of  October  : 2.36%

The Sibor rate is a part of profit rate, which is reviewed by the Bank during each rental period as follow:

A.The first period of the lease (the contract determines the duration period ): the  Sibor rate for the first rental period is an indicator (announced in this page) minus what is provided in legal Article Fifth, paragraph 1 / c in the financing contract.
B.The rest of the rental periods (the contract determines the duration of the period) : The  Sibor rate for the rest of the rental period is variable, it may increase or decrease according to the changing index (announced in this page) at the beginning of each rental period, for the purpose of modifying "lease period fee. " according to the cost of funding at the time.

Taking into knowledge that the " index" intended is the rate of the prevalent cost of funding among Saudi banks (SIBOR) for one year.