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Point of Sale by Bank Albilad

Request the POS device and receive it instantly from the branch !

Bank Albilad is introducing for the first time in Saudi Arabia the fastest service to get your point of sale terminal. 
Now you can get your point of sale device instantly from our branches without the need for any installation requirements, as you can receive the device immediately through the customer service representative. 

Bank Albilad offers POS services to retailers or business owners. It is an automated electronic money transfer system that accepts payments from the merchant customers using debit & credit cards (Visa, Mastercard,Discover and American Express). The POS network then transfers the payments from the cardholder's account to the merchant account. 

POS New Device Features

Android operating system:

  • Support 4G and Wi-Fi as communication options to ensure uninterrupted service around the clock.
  • Clear and simple user interface to ensure a better customer experience.
  • A device that works completely by touch to ensure smooth handling of the device. 
  • Android operating system from Google, which means integration in use with the touch screen.
  • The possibility of issuing payment receipts electronically instead of traditional (paper) receipts, as they can be shared with the customer electronically by scanning the code for the process through the customer’s mobile camera, or by sending the receipt code to the customer via the customer’s e-mail, or by sharing the receipt with the customer By sending it a text message to him.
  • •Ease of access to operations by the merchant at any time through a special portal that the merchant can enter, follow up and review his operations. (This service is free of charge and is activated upon customer request).
  • Continuous updates to the system to ensure that the company developing the system provides the latest technology available on the scene.
  • Continuous updates to the system to ensure that the company developing the system provides the latest technology available on the scene.
  • continuous updates of the system to ensure that the company developed the system to provide the latest technologies available on the scene.
  • Bank Albilad provides the device free of charge to its customers and without any fees for the regular maintenance of the device.

Benefits of POS service

  • Reducing the costs involved in cash transactions, through the provision of electronic payment through points of sale in terms of saving the time and effort needed to verify the quality of cash, counting cash, providing small-value banknotes and increasing income.
  • Enhancing the volume of sales and customer satisfaction, through the options provided by the availability of points of sale for customers to pay for their purchases electronically.
  • Reducing potential risks and errors associated with inventory, daily revenue accounting and accounting operations.

  • Reducing the burdens of cash collection operations during the day, and the risks of transfer and deposit operations in the bank branch, and saving the time and effort required by those operations.
  •  Take advantage of the high ceiling for the value of the card purchases, up to 200,000 riyals per day.
  • The speed and ease of use, as the device is characterized by its small size and simplicity of operation. The latest devices that comply with the requirements of SAMA and the international payment companies (AMEX- Discover – VISA and MasterCard).
  •  The high level of operational efficiency and technical support for POS devices around the clock to ensure the quality of service.
  •  Standards of speed and flexibility in the financial settlement processes and their automatic deposit. 
  • The possibility of periodic follow-up of sales, details of operations and the financial movement of devices through the bank’s website (Albilad Business Net).

Naqd Service 

As part of the added value of business owners and their customers, "Naqd" cashback service can now make cash withdrawals through the accounting funds and offer them to the customer when making any payment through POS compliant MADA standards. This service allows the merchants to dispose of surplus cash in the commercial site by offering it to the customers. This service also saves customers  the burden of searching for ATMs.

Atheer Service 

It is a tap & pay service that allows cardholders to benefit from Near Field Communication "NFC", where cardholder can make transactions that do not exceed 100 riyals once the card is passed to the POS device reader. At times, the cardholder may be asked to enter a PIN or card or both to increase security.

Settlement of payments:

In order to avoid any accounting errors and to enhance the level of follow-up and continuous verification of the quality of payments and transfer of funds to the merchant bank account on-line, the Merchant must carry out the balancing or reconciliation of point-of-sale operations on a daily basis, to complete the transactions that were collected during the day through points of sale To the bank account.

Albilad Business Net features 

  • Account statement for all transactions on POS machines.
  • Network-specific account statement (MADA-VISA-MC). 
  • Presentation of operations under collection.
  • Print account statements. 

​Steps to get POS service from Bank Albilad:

  • Open a current account in the name of the establishment.
  • Signing the Point of Sale Agreement.
  • Attach shop licenses.
  • Attach the identity of the owner or the person assigned to the bank.
  • The site is ready for installation.

*The usual process will be effective for the merchants who request more than one device or when the branch is out of stock (3-5 day installation).

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