petty cash Cards

petty cash Cards

The Petty Cash Card is a secure and convenient solution designed for business and governmental entities to pay and control expenses as part of Bank Albilad Islamic Banking Comprehensive Solutions that allow business and government sectors to simply and effectively manage their expenses transactions by the card’s features such as monitoring expenses in real-time and setting spending limits.

Key Benefits to Employers

  • One entity can request more than one card .
  • Easy way to deposit and refund amounts to and from the card via the entity’s account with Bank Albilad.
  • Control the card’s usage limits and channels.
  • Track the cards transactions and statements through analytical reporting tools via Bank Albilad Business Internet Banking. 

Key Benefits to Card Holders

  • Withdraw cash from any ATM within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Acceptance via all Point of Sales in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • Access Bank Albilad Internet Banking by the card number to view the card statement and to pay SADAD and governmental bills.
  • Pay SADAD and governmental bills via Bank Albilad ATMs and Self-Service Machines. 

How to Apply for Petty Cash Card

Open an Account in Bank Albilad Click here
Register at Albilad Business Net  Click here

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