Financial Fraud

How to report fraud

Contact Bank Albilad immediately in case you are exposed to a financial fraud to stop all services related to the bank account by calling Albilad toll free phone from Saudi Arabia 8001230000 and from outside the Saudi Arabia 00966920001002 

Dear customer, how to avoid financial fraud?

In financial fraud, you are the first line of defense

To protect yourself from scams, please follow these steps:


Be continuously aware of financial fraud methods and warnings published by the relevant authorities

Slown down

Do not rush to provide your personal and financial data to any party, whether in an electronic, text message, website, or  phone. Also do not respond to any phone call or text message asking you to disclose your bank account information or to disclose the verification code that arrives on your mobile phone


Ensure the identity and legality of any party requesting your personal and financial data informally via text messages, postal links, or social media

Be careful

It is important to know that financial authorities do not require their customers to disclose their banking data or request that their banking data be updated over the phone

Protect yourself from fraud

Do not enter unofficial suspicious websites that ask you to transfer money (fees) in exchange for a loan, service, or purchase of goods

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