Albilad Self-Service Machine

Perform your banking transactions with ease ..

We are pleased at Bank Albilad to provide the Albilad self-service machine to help you perform your banking transaction with ease. The machine also supports instant communication with a customer service representative to carry out your banking transactions with complete privacy and security.

​What are the services that can be done through Albilad Self-Service Machine?

  • Cash withdrawal up to 50,000 SAR*
  • Cashing a cheque (Bank Albilad) up to 50,000 SAR*
  • Cash Deposit up to 200,000 SAR*
  • Print your mada / Medad card at selected locations click here 
  • Cheque Deposit (Bank Albilad) up to 200,000 SAR*
  • Transfer between internal customer accounts up to 500,000 SAR*
  • Transfer to any account in Bank Albilad up to 100,000 SAR*
  • All usual ATM services

* These services are provided by visual communication with a customer service representative

What are the service conditions?

  • The account must be in an active status.
  • The service is for the same account holder.
  • Using mada card of the account to execute any transaction or service
  • The customer’s data, identity and signature must be verified.

How does this service work?

  • Place the mada card of the account on which the transaction are to be carried out.
  • Input the card PIN
  • Choose to speak to Bank Albilad agent
  • Provide Bank Albilad agent with the type of service required
  • Enter the ID via the ID reader (National Identity or Iqama) and verify the validity of the identity as well as the expiry date.
  • Sign on the designated screen to match the signature.
  • Bank Albilad agent carries out the required service and delivers the customer a receipt.

Service availability

 Bank Albilad agent will be available from 09:30 am till 04:30 pm following the official banks working hours. Outside these working hours the machine works as a normal ATM machine 

Albilad Self-Service Machines are available across the Kingdom at Bank Albilad branches as listed below

​Bank Albilad Branch
​Head Office(King Fahad)

​Digital Branch Riyadh Front 











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