Albilad Self-Service Machine

Albilad Self-Service Machine 

The Self-Service Machine is a service provided by the bank for Albilad customers only. It is the customer's live and direct communication with Bank Albilad agent through the Self-Service machine.

What are the service conditions?

The customer’s data, identity and signature must be verified.
The account must be in an active status.
The service is for the same account holder.
Using the ATM card of the account to be executed.

What are the services that can be done through Albilad Self-Service Machine?

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cashing a cheque (Bank Albilad)
  • Cash Deposit
  • Cheque Deposit (Bank Albilad)
  • Transfer between client accounts.
  • Transfer to any account in Bank Albilad

How does this service work?

  • The customer places the ATM card of the account on which the operations are to be carried out, then input the card PIN and the employee is chosen to have a video call 
  • Bank Albilad agent inquiries from the customer about the service required to be performed, provided that it is among the services provided, as well as the applicable cash limits*.
  • Bank Albilad agent checks the customer’s account as well as the account’s status.
  • After that, the customer is asked to enter the ID via an ID reader (national identity or Iqama) and verify the validity of the identity as well as the expiry date.
  • Bank Albilad agent checks the data of the executed operation before executing the operation and asks the customer to sign on the designated screen to match the signature.
  • Then Bank Albilad agent checks the signature, as well as asking the customer and verifying the service (Type of service and value)
  • Bank Albilad agent carries out the process and delivers the customer a receipt.

Service availability

As per SAMA regulations, Bank Albilad agent will be available from 09:30 am till 04:30 pm following the official banks working hours. Outside these working hours the machine works as a normal ATM machine 

​ What are the cash limits available via Albilad ITM?

Daily Limit SARConditions
Cash withdrawal50,000 SARIt is at the Single Client level (CIF), not the account
Cashing a check (Bank Albilad)50,000 SARThis service is available to bank customers only and by using their debit card to request cash disbursement
Cash Deposit200,000 SARIt is at the Single Client level (CIF), not the account
Check Deposit (Bank Albilad)200,000 SARIt is at the Single Client level (CIF), not the account
Transfer between client accounts500,000 SAR 
Transfer to any accounts in Bank Albilad100,000 SARIt is at the Single Client level (CIF), not the account

​Albilad Self-Service Machines are available across the Kingdom at Bank Albilad branches as listed below

​Bank Albilad Branch
​Head Office(King Fahad)

​Digital Branch Riyadh Front 











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