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Not in the Mood of Visiting the Branch but Need to Manage Your account? Simply Pick Up the Phone and Call Us!

Bank Albilad always prioritizes its customers’ convenience over the hefty banking procedures. Albilad phone banking is a service that we nurtured over the years to bring you the best phone banking in Saudi Arabia. 
You don’t need to visit a branch now. Everything is made simple. Be it an inquiry, or any business transaction, carry most of all your banking operations through our 24/7 phone banking in Saudi Arabia

To call us, simply dial Bank Albilad phone Inside the Kingdom: 8001230000, Outside the Kingdom: 00966 920 001 002

What are the Key Features of Albilad Phone?

There is a lot to talk about, but let us highlight the most convincing features of Albilad phone banking service.

  • Easy registration process.
  • It utilizes the most sophisticated IVR systems.
  • Confidentiality and safety of your personal information is ensured through innovative information security systems. 
  • International Transfer using Enjaz money remittance and Western Union services
  • Carry out the beneficiary accounts’ activation.
  • Avail personal accounts service.
  • Make MOI/SADAD payments 
  • Get credit card service.
  • Avail Personal finance service and IPO services.
  • Perform several other daily banking transactions
  • All calls are auto-recorded to ensure quality of service.

How to register in Albilad Phone for bank customers

To register and start using Albilad Phone services, you can call Albilad phone at any time to complete the self-registration process through the automatic response system by following these steps:
1. Call Albilad Phone Inside the Kingdom: 8001230000 ,Outside the Kingdom: 00966 920 001 002
2. Select banking services and enter the 8-digit user ID or your ATM card or credit card number.
3. The automated response system will request the following details to complete the registration process:
  • ATM card number (sixteen “16” digit numbers).
  • The ATM card PIN code (four “4” digits).
  • The current account number (fifteen “15” digit numbers).
  • ID number (ten “10” digit numbers).
After verifying the entered data, the system will ask you to assign a new four “4”-digit PIN code for Albilad Phone Banking, and to re-enter the same PIN code again for confirmation. Then the system will send an Activation Code to your registered mobile number, which must be entered to complete the registration process. Upon successful registration, the Phone Banking system will provide you with your eight “8” digit user ID which you can use to enter to Albilad Phone services.

Phone Banking services

  •  Beneficiaries and Bills Activation that were previously added through Albilad net or Albilad application.
  • Activate all beneficiary accounts or bills in one-step.
  • Activate the beneficiary account or payment bills separately.
  • Activate the new credit card and assign a new PIN code.
  • IPO
  • Submitting the IPO subscription requests.
  • IPO subscription request inquiry.
  • IPO shares allocation details.
  • Selling the allocated IPO shares.

Personal accounts
  • Balance inquiry.
  • Inquire about the last five transactions and submit a claim.
  • Transfer funds between your personal accounts in Bank Albilad.
  • Transfer funds to another customer’s account in Bank Albilad.
  • Transfer funds to an account in a local bank.
  • Transfer funds to an International Bank beneficiary.
  • Request a checkbook.
  • Request a statement of account via mail.
  • Stop lost or stolen cards.
  • Inquire about the IBAN and request the IBAN details through an SMS.

Utility bills and Sadad Services
  • Pay a new utility or Sadad bill.
  • Pay the previously added bill.
  • Ministry of Interior payments.

Mutual funds
  • Albilad Mutual Funds.
  • Inquire about your balance in Albilad Mutual funds.
  • Inquire about the last five transactions you performed on Mutual Funds.
  • Prices of Mutual Funds units.
  • Inquire about pending transactions.

Consumer Finance Services
  • Inquire about the next installment details.
  • Inquire about the due amounts.
  • Inquire about the remaining amount of loan.
  • Inquire about the status of your Finance Application.

Cards products
  • Credit Card Balance inquiry.
  • Inquire about the last five transactions on your card and submit a claim.
  • Pending transactions inquiry.
  • nquire about your card credit limit.
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Advance.
  • Enroll a Credit Card transaction in Aqsat program offers.
  • Change the credit card PIN code.
  • Increase your Credit Card limit temporarily.
  • Stop lost or stolen cards.
  • Inquire about the status of your Credit Card Application.

Other services
  • Comments and complaints.
  • Change Albilad Phone PIN code.
  • Change the POS daily limit on your ATM card.
  • Block and reactivate AlbiladNet ID.

Contact Center Services through Customer Service Representatives

By clicking the number "0", you will be transferred directly to a customer service representative to request any of the following services:

Personal accounts
  • Inquire about the account balance.
  • Inquire about your salary.
  • Account statement request.
  • Request a checkbook.
  • Change your mail address.
  • Reactivate your Inactive Account.
  • Money transfer.
  • Transfer funds between your personal accounts in Bank Albilad.
  • Transfer funds to another customer’s account in Bank Albilad.
  • Transferring to a beneficiary account in a local bank.
  • Transfer to a beneficiary account in a bank outside the Kingdom.
  • Inquire about branches working hours and locations of Bank Albilad branches.

SADAD service
  • Cancel / amend previously added bills details.
  • Refund the payments of the Ministry of Interior.

Electronic channels
  • Request to reactivate your Albilad Phone user ID.
  • Request to unblock the Activation Codes.
  • Request, activate, unblock and cancel the Token Device.
  • Activate, unblock and cancel the Token application.
  • Technical support for Token device and Application.
  • Technical support for AlbiladNet and Albilad Application service.

Stop ATM card
  • Request a replacement card when you are travelling abroad.

Credit Cards Service
  • Pay your credit card.
  • All credit card inquiries.
  • Reporting a lost or stolen credit card.
  • Requesting a credit card statement.
  • Requesting the issuance of a replacement card for a lost or stolen credit card.
  • Raise a claim against a credit card transaction.
  • Request to increase your credit card limit.

Consumer Finance Services
  • Inquire about the outstanding amounts and installments.
  • Inquire about early payment.

Sales service
  • Loan initial calculation.
  • Apply for Car Finance.
  • Apply for a Personal Finance.
  • Apply for a real estate finance.

IPO service
  • Submit an IPO subscription request.
  • Remove or add a family member from the IPO subscription request.
  • Inquire about allocation details.

Complaints and claims
  • Raise a claim.
  • Submit a complaint.

General inquiries and Complaints
  • You can contact us on the toll-free number 8001230000 for inquiries and complaints.


How can I ensure that my persoan linformation is protected?

Respecting and protecting your privacy is extremely important to us because our duty is to keep any information related to our customers or their financial details confidential. Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow these tips to avoid disclosing your banking information to unauthorized person who may use it without your permission or acknowledgement. 

  • Cooperate and answer our Customer Service Representative Security Questions when contacting our Phone Banking to perform transactions.
  • Do not give your PIN code to any person, even a close friend or the bank employee.
  • Do not write down the PIN code on your card or any other place.
  • Choose a PIN code that is difficult to anticipate or identify, and therefore we never recommend to use well-known numbers such as your phone number, mailbox, date of birth or employment number.
  • Avoid choosing any ascending (1234), descending (4321), or repeating (2222) numbers as PIN codes.
  • Change your PIN code whenever you feel that someone has seen it.
  • We always recommend that you change your PIN code periodically and regularly.
  • Ensure that the Activation Code sent to your mobile phone is related to a transaction you requested to perform.
  • When you receive a message containing an Activation Code for a service that you did not request, do not use that code or give it to anyone else and immediately call Albilad Phone to report the case.
  • In order to protect your account and preserve the confidentiality of your information, we hope that you do not respond to e-mails, messages or communications that require you to disclose the details of your bank data. Bank Albilad employee does not request updating your data over the phone or by e-mail.
  • Be careful when using a phone that is not your own if it is equipped with a screen that shows the dialed numbers when calling Albilad phone, because there is a possibility that anyone uses the phone after you, can re-call the numbers you have entered including you PIN code. Therefore, we advise you that when you finish contacting Albilad Phone, call any other number to delete your secret numbers from the phone memory

Albilad Phone Banking Numbers:

All Bank Albilad customers - banking services
From  Inside the Kingdom: 8001230000
From outside the Kingdom: + 966920001002
Fax: 00966 11 277 9509

For inquiries and Complaints
From Inside the Kingdom: 8001230000
From outside the Kingdom: + 966920001002

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