Real Estate Financing

Albilad Financing Programs in cooperation with Eskan& REDF 


  • Self Building Financing


    Build your desired property through 4 financing payments distributed throughout the construction stages. 

  • Subsidized Home Financing

    Through subsidized home financing, customers with monthly salary 14,000 SAR or lesser can avail 0% profit margin on subsidized loan.
  • Decreasing flexible mortgage for military personnel

    Military real estate financing until the age of 70 AH, instead of the date of retirement by military rank.

  • Off Plan Financing
    Off-plan financing by Bank Albilad offers a financing amount up to SAR 3,000,000 for owning your dream house.

 Albilad Financing Programs

  • Flexible Real Estate Financing
    This program allows you to get Personal and Real Estate financing at the same time from Bank Albilad.
  • Real Estate Financing Dari
    Get the best Real Estate financing from Bank Albilad with a fixed profit rate and flexible payment plan.
  • Real Estate Financing Buyout
    Worried about your variable interest rate? Now get a new financing with fixed profit margin from Bank Albilad!

Real Estate Market Place

Finding your property is easier with Albilad

Buy your home, land or private property in cooperation with the Aqar app. Whether you want to buy a house, land or a private property, you can now search for the right property by city, district, price, and other search methods that facilitate you to find the right property with ease way.

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