Tamkeen Credit Card

Tamkeen Credit Card

Why Tamkeen Credit Card is the best credit card for you?

Innovation lies at the heart of Bank Albilad, where products and services are devised to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers. Tamkeen platinum credit card is one such effort from our end to ensure innovation is visible from different echelon of our bank. 

Unlike other credit cards, where making purchases often leads to payment of accumulated interest amount, Tamkeen credit card allows the purchase of any product, anywhere, from any store and then pay back the due amount in an easy installments with no interest or profit margin!

What are the features of Tamkeen credit card?

  • Sharia compliant credit card.
  • 0% interest rate.
  • Payment of only 5% of amount due or 200 SAR (whichever is higher).
  • Reusable available balance.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs (30% of credit limit).
  • Point of Sale (POS) transaction (100% of credit limit).
  • Benefiting of Mukafaat Albilad loyalty Program to earn points and redeem them for exciting rewards.
  • Easy to add to Apple Pay and Mada Pay.
  • Access to lavish airport lounges around the world. For more information click here.
  • Numerous seasonal discounts.
  • Hassle free online shopping experience.
  • Early full payment of amount due is acceptable.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customer's salary should be 3,000 SAR or more
  • Monthly payment of only 5% of the due amount or 200 SAR, whichever is higher.
  • Payments are automatically deducted on the 25th of each month.

To view the full terms and conditions Click here

Tamkeen Card Fees


Credit Card Type
Tamkeen Credit Card
Annual fee for main cardSAR 400
Annual fee for supplementary cardSAR 100
Replacement card feesSAR 100
Fees for issuing an international replacement cardSAR 250
Cash withdrawal feesSAR 20 
Additional statementSAR 20 
Transaction disputeSAR 50 
Optional Issuer Fees (OIF) for any transaction other than SAR1.15%

All Fees are VAT exclusive



What is the payment due date on Tamkeen card?

Automatic payment on the 25th of each month. (Gregorian calendar)

Is it possible to pay the full amount due early?


What is the limit on POS transactions?

100% of the available credit limit of the card. Taking into account the cash withdrawal limit.

What is the cash withdrawal limit on the card?

30% of the credit limit of the card.

What is the required minimum salary to be able to get Tamkeen credit card?

The minimum monthly salary is SAR 3,000.


Is there any profit margin if I decided to pay the card dues in installments?

No, there's no profit margin:

Month until balance Repaid*Minimum Repayment amountCredit card Monthly Rate**Annual Percentage Rate***
46 Months%5 or 200 SAR which higher0%0%


* Month until balance Repaid: assuming card limit is SAR 15,000 which is the maximum limit for this product, and customer did not re-use the card credit.

** Credit card monthly Rate: it's not applicable for this product.

*** Annual Percentage Rate: it's not applicable for this product.

If I decided to pay the minimum card due, how long do I need to pay back the full card dues?

Here is a real-life example for a customer purchases with an amount of SAR 15,000 

Ahmed made purchases using his Tamkeen credit card with an amount of SAR 15,000. Then, he decided to pay the card dues in very low monthly payment. 5% of the outstanding amount or SAR 200 whichever is higher. Below is an illustration of the payment process.

Amount dueAutomatically deducted Amount (5% or SAR 200 whichever is higher)The amount available in the card for Ahmed to be used again after the monthly payment
Month 115,000750750
Month 214,2507131,463
Month 313,5386772,139
Month 412,8616432,782
Month 512,2186113,393
Month 611,6075803,974
Month 711,0265514,525
Month 810,4755245,049
Month 99,9514985,546
Month 109,4544736,019
Month 118,9814496,468
Month 128,5324276,895
Month 138,1054057,300
Month 147,7003857,685
Month 157,3153668,051
Month 166,9493478,398
Month 176,6023308,728
Month 186,2723149,042
Month 195,9582989,340
Month 205,6602839,623
Month 215,3772699,892
Month 225,10825510,147
Month 234,85324310,390
Month 244,61023110,620
Month 254,38021910,839
Month 264,16120811,047
Month 273,95320011,247
Month 283,75320011,447
Month 293,55320011,647
Month 303,35320011,847
Month 313,15320012,047
Month 322,95320012,247
Month 332,75320012,447
Month 342,55320012,647
Month 352,35320012,847
Month 362,15320013,047
Month 371,95320013,247
Month 381,75320013,447
Month 391,55320013,647
Month 401,35320013,847
Month 411,15320014,047
Month 4295320014,247
Month 4375320014,447
Month 4455320014,647
Month 4535320014,847
Month 4615315315,000

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