Household Labor Salary Card

The ease and security you are looking for!

As a sponsor ... are you tired of cash handling with your worker salary?

As a worker ... are you tired for waiting in lines to transfer your money to your loved ones back home?

The Household labor card is the right solution for you.  The Household labor card is a prepaid salary card that provides secure online salary payments between the sponsor and the worker. Also, Any worker such as a driver, cook, or cleaner can enjoy the benefits of Enjaz without opening an account. It offers essential banking services for non-bank customers such as online international money transfer, and cash withdraw.

What are the benefits of the Household labor card for the Sponsor?

  • Instant online issuance of the card through the sponsor account in Albilad Net 
  • Keep secure records of all monthly salary payments.
  • Transfer your worker salary online, through Albilad Net or Albilad app. 
  • Compliant with the Saudi wage protection system. 

What are the benefits of the Household labor card for the Worker?

  • Worldwide online money transfer through Enjaz Easy, Western Union and TRANSFAST via Enjaz App, Albilad Net and ATM

  • Instant deposit of salary 
  • Withdraw cash from Albilad ATMs for free
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM in Saudi Arabia
  • Shop and pay by card through any point of sale bearing logo of mada
  • Pay any bill from SADAD payment system
  • Review salary statements through Albilad Net and ATM

How to request the card?

1- Sponsor logs in to his account in Albilad Net, and then open an account for the house worker.
2- House worker should visit the nearest Bank Albilad to obtain the card immediately.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only the sponsor can deposit money into the card.
  • Card fee is free for the first year, then 103.5 SAR including VAT will be charged.
  • No fee on cash withdrawals from Albilad’s ATMs and the possibility withdraws from the local banks’ ATMs

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