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Mukafaat Albilad - Get Exciting Loyalty Program Rewards

Earn reward points for using your Albilad card with the Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program 

Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program has been designed to let our customers earn the points and win exciting rewards by redeeming those points. It lets you avail the points to buy gift vouchers for your loved ones, plan thrilling travel experiences with your travelling partners or even getting a cash back.

All you have to do is to register in Mukafaat Albilad and keep using your Albilad card for making payments. Against every transaction made, you earn more and more points. These points can be redeemed to fetch your loyalty program rewards. 

How to get registered in the Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program? 

  • Login to Albilad App or Albilad Net
  • Go to “Mukafaat Albilad” icon in the main menu
  • Accept “Terms & Conditions “
  • You will be automatically redirected to your account in Mukafaat Albilad program

How to redeem points to get loyalty program rewards?

For redeeming your loyalty points, log in to your Mukafaat Albilad loyalty program account. Browse the catalogue for rewards available and choose the reward of your choice. Follow the instructions provided to get the rewards. 

Here’s a look at the categories of loyalty program rewards available: 


Redeem your points for flights instantly at over 550+ airlines. 


Book your next hotel stay for from over 175,000 hotels worldwide. 


You can use your points to get e-vouchers for shopping with popular retailers. Show your e-voucher to the merchant when paying. This will deduct the voucher amount from your final bill. 

Points exchange

Exchange your points for miles in popular frequent flyer and hotel programs.

Cash Back 

Use your points to pay for everyday purchases made with your Bank Albilad card. Cashback within seven days.

Note that all reward points earned expire one year after the date of issuance.
Rewards points are not awarded for digital wallet top-ups

What are the rewards points earned by type of transaction and type of card?

Card Product Reward Points Earned Per 1 SAR - Domestic SpendReward Points Earned Per 1 SAR - International Spend
Albilad Meda Classic Debit Card01
Albilad Meda Gold Debit Card01
Albilad Meda Platinum Debit Card01.5
Albilad Meda Signature Debit Card03
Albilad Meda Infinite Debit Card03
Albilad Silver Credit Card11
Albilad Gold Credit Card11
Albilad Platinum Credit Card1.51.5
Albilad Signature Credit Card33
Albilad Infinite Credit Card33
Albilad Medad Internet Card1 2
Albilad Medad Travel Card1 2
Albilad Medad Control Card12
Albilad Virtual Prepaid Card12
Albilad Medad Multi Currency1
Albilad Tamkeen Plus Classic Card
Albilad Tamkeen Plus Platinum Card
Albilad Tamkeen Plus Signature Card
​Albilad Tamkeen Plus INFINITE Card

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