Multi currency Medad Card

Use Medad Multi Currency card in and outside the Kingdom

The Medad Multi Currency is the card that will make your expenses in external transactions, whether in travel or online purchase, more economical and safer, the card helps you to manage your expenses inside and outside the Kingdom by supplying it in any currency at any time and using it at the same time

You can easily apply for the card via Albilad App or Albilad Net and transfer any amount from your current account in Bank Albilad to Medad Multi Currency Card through the same channels.
Also, you can use the card instantly and add it to your digital wallets when issuing the card digitally via Albilad App only.

Medad Multi Currency Card Benefits: 

  • The card main currency is Saudi Riyal.
  • 4 free currencies upon issuance of the card, with the ability to add more currencies through Albilad Net or Albilad App.
  •  3.75 riyals fixed rate for US Dollar
  • 0% margin for the following currencies: Euro, GBP, AED, & QAR.
  • Instant issuance and usage via Albilad App.
  • Issue card online and have it delivered to your place.
  • Ease of buying and online shopping with utmost safety and without currency conversion fees.
  • Compliant with the Shariah Board controls.
  • Control expenses by setting a specific budget.
  • It can be charged easily through Albilad Net or Albilad App.
  • Ability to use it in all ATMs and points of sale locally and internationally.
  • Easy transfer to and from the card account without fees.
  • Take advantage of the Albilad Rewards Program.
  • SmartDelay will provide you with complimentary access to one of over 1300+ airport lounges in more than 500 airports across 100+ countries in case of flight delay.For more information on SmartDelay, click here

How to Apply for Medad Multi Currency Card in Albilad App?

  • Log in to Albilad App
  • Choose the “Shopping Cart” icon -> Cards -> Medad Multi Currency Card 
  • Click on “Apply Now” after reviewing the card's features and fees
  • Choose the current account to be linked to the card, then click Next
  • Select the name on the card, then click Next
  • Choose four free additional currencies and then click Next
  • After reviewing the application and reviewing the terms and conditions, approval will be made by clicking on "Apply a new application"
  • Finish the verification process to complete the application
  • Set a password number for the card
  • A digital multi-currency credit card has been issued that can be used directly
  • After issuing and activating the digital card, a plastic card can be requested later by clicking on “Apply for a Physical Card”

How to Apply for Medad Multi Currency Card in Albilad Net?

  • Login to Albilad Net. Haven’t got an account with Bank Albilad? Open your account now online.
  • Choose a multi-currency debit card from the "Request bank products" menu.
  • Choose the card type and four additional currencies
  • Choose the current account to be linked to a Medad Card, then click on Continue.
  • Please read and agree to the terms and conditions, then press the Confirm button.
  • After completing the request, you will be provided with a number to track the card.
  • You can follow up the order on the Albilad Net website by reviewing the order status “under the bank products request list”.
  • The delivery company will contact you to determine the time and place to deliver the card.
And after you became a holder of a Medad card from Bank Albilad, you can now finally enjoy a safe and smooth shopping experience and organize personal and family expenses and expenses.

Medad Multi Currency Card Fees:

Fees Medad Multicurrency
Annual fees of the main cardSAR 100
Annual fees of the additional cardSAR 75
Fees of issuing a replacement cardSAR 50
Cash withdrawal feesEquivalent to SAR 25 for any foreign currency
Fees for transferring money from the current account to the card and backFree
Transaction Dispute (if the dispute is wrong)SAR 50
Add new CurrencySAR 25
*Dipping Service Fee1%
*Other Foreign Currency Fees2%

*All Fees are VAT exclusive

To view Cards Terms & Conditions Click Here

​Available currencies:

US Dollar
Pound Sterling
UAE Dirham
Saudi Riyal
Bahraini Dinar
Kuwaiti Dinar
Japanese Yen
Australian Dollar
Swiss Franc
Canadian Dollar
Jordanian Dinar
Egyptian Pound
Indonesian Rupiah
Qatari Riyal
Indian Rupee
Tunisian Dinar
Sri Lankan Rupee
Singapore Dollar
Nepalese Rupee
Omani Riyal
Philippine Peso
Moroccan Dirham
Kenyan Shilling
Pakistani Rupee
South African Rand
Bangladeshi Taka

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