Infinite Credit Card

 Albilad Credit Card – Infinite


A world of benefits brought to you by Bank Albilad!

The infinite credit card from Bank Albilad allows you to access a world of luxury and privileges. Enjoy the most luxurious shopping and travel experience with a wide range of benefits that exceed expectations.

What are the infinite credit features? 

  • Airport VIP lounges access: Experience the luxuries life with Airport VIP lounges access for you and a guest at over 1000 airport lounges globally through Loungekey.  For more information click here 
  • Purchase Protection: This feature provides you with the protection against the theft or accidental damage of your purchases.
  • Global Emergency Assistance Services: This feature includes the following:
    • - Block your account from fraudulent purchases within 30 minutes.
    • - Arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you within 3 working days.  
    • - Provide for emergency cash to be collected from 270,000 locations worldwide.
  • Insurance: The travel insurance covers you and your family with on all trips up to 90 days
  • Extended warranty: Doubles the repair period offered by the original manufacturer ’s warranty for up to 1 year
  • General Benefits: this includes
- Lifestyle offers and benefits
- Shopping priviliges

For more info about card features provided by Visa, click here 
*Terms and conditions apply

Additional features of Albilad credit cards

  • Shariah compliant card
  • Online shopping in an easy secure way.
  • Supports Apple Pay and Mada Pay.
  • Benefiting of Mukafaat Albilad loyalty Program to earn points and redeem them for exciting rewards.
  • Competitive currency exchange rate when buying in foreign currencies. 
  • Accepted at more than 30 million stores locally and worldwide.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs, locally and internationally.
  • SMS alerts for all transactions.
  • Payment of card dues every 50 days (accounting cycle).
  • Manage the card online through Albilad Net

Visa Infinite offers

Careem offer with Albilad Visa Infinite Card:



Promo code


4 free rides,Cap 80 SAR


This offer is valid until 31 December 2022

​Terms and conditions 

To view the full terms and conditions click here.

Is there any profit margin if I decided to pay the card dues in installments?

No, there's no profit margin:

Month until balance Repaid
Minimum Repayment amount
Credit card Monthly Rate
Annual Percentage Rate
1 Month
0% *
0% *
  •   Month until balance Repaid and Minimum Repayment amount : Assuming that the credit limit of the card is 5000 thousand Riyals, and 400 Riyals is used, 400 Riyals will be deducted on the due day of the calendar month following the month of use ..
  • Credit card monthly Rate: it's not applicable for this product.

Cards Fees

​Credit Card Type 
Visa Signature 
​Issuance fees 
SAR 500
​Annual fee
​SAR 500
​Supplementary card fee
​SAR 100
​Lost card delivery fee (local)
​SAR 100
​Lost card delivery fee (international)
​SAR 148-50
​Cash withdrawal ON-US
SAR 20 + OIF+15% on the OIF  
​Cash withdrawal
​SAR 20
​Card statement 
​SAR 20
​Claim objection
​SAR 50

* All Fees are VAT exclusive

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