Tamkeen Plus Classic Credit Card

 Tamkeen Plus Classic Credit Card

Tamkeen Plus Classic Credit Card is your perfect choice as you can buy online or through point of sale or make cash withdrawals with ease inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The card provides the possibility of paying the amounts used in affordable monthly installments of (5% or 200 SAR), whichever is higher. This is in accordance with Bank Albilad Shariah Committee

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Issue Classic Tamkeen Plus credit card free for life until February 29, 2024.

What are the features of Tamkeen plus classic ?

  •  Compatible with Bank Albilad Shariah Committee.
  • Online shopping in an easy secure way
  • Supports Apple pay and Mada pay  
  • Benefiting of Mukafaat Albilad loyalty Program to earn points and redeem them for exciting rewards
  • Competitive currency exchange rate when buying in foreign currencies
  • Accepted at more than 30 million stores locally and worldwide
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs, locally and internationally
  • SMS alerts for all transactions
  • Payment of card dues every 50 days (accounting cycle)
  • Manage the card online through Albilad Net
  • SmartDelay will provide you with complimentary access to one of over 1300+ airport lounges in more than 500 airports across 100+ countries in case of flight delay.For more information on SmartDelay, click here

Terms and conditions apply

Steps to apply for Tamkeen plus through Bank Albilad App

  •  Login to Albilad App
  • Click on the shopping cart at the bottom of the page 
  •  Select Tamkeen plus and Fill required fields
  •  Approve initial offer
  • Confirm credit limit
  •  Buy the commodity
  • Sign commodity contract and promissory note through Nafith
  • Sell commodity
  • Activate virtual card

Required Documents (When applying through Albilad App)

  • Salary transfer customers
    • Salary certificate
    • Salary transfer certificate
    • GOSI letter
  •  Non-Salary transfer customers 
    • Salary certificate
    • GOSI letter
    • Last 3-months statement

Required Documents (When applying at the branch)

  • Salary transfer customers
    • Salary certificate
    • Salary transfer certificate
    • GOSI letter
    • Valid ID
  • Non-Salary transfer customers
    • Salary certificate
    • GOSI letter
    • Last 3-months statement
    • Valid ID


Why do I apply for Tamkeen Plus credit card?

Tamkeen Plus credit card provided by Bank Albilad is fully compliant with the Islamic Shariah committee and it offers you benefits that meet your needs.

Is Tamkeen Plus credit card compatible with sharia committee?

Tamkeen Plus credit card is based on murabaha financing where goods are purchased and sold with the customer's consent to issue the card.

Are there any interest or profit fees on the card?

(Tamkeen Plus credit card offers you the one of the lowest profit rates at 1.8% per month as part of your monthly allowance on your card) however, when you pay the full amount due on time, there will be no profit on the card. 

What are the payments due date on Tamkeen Plus credit card?  

Payment is automatically made on the 25th of each calendar month. Cardholder may opt to pay (5 % of the outstanding balance or minimum of 200 riyals, whichever is higher) of the balance.

Can the customer make an early payment for Tamkeen Plus credit card?

Yes, the customer can make a payment via Albilad Net or Albilad App

What is the point-of-sale limit for Tamkeen Plus credit card?

100% of the credit limit available for the card. 

What is the cash withdrawal limit for Tamkeen Plus credit card?

Cash withdrawal limit is capped at 30% of the total card limit. 

How much is the minimum salary? 

Minimum monthly salary starting from 3,000 riyals.

Is it possible to add additional funds to Tamkeen plus credit card? 

Yes, a balance can be added above the credit card limit. 

After completing the application, will the customer receive a physical card?

After completing the application, the customer will be requested to activate the virtual card. In case the customer wants a physical card, he/ she can request one through Albilad App (Delivery and printing fees are applied)

In case customer did not sign the commodity contract or promissory note in time, will his application be cancelled?

Yes, if customer did not sign within the time limit, his/ her application will be cancelled, and an SMS will be sent to him/ her

In case customer did not sell the commodity in time, will his application be cancelled?

No, the bank system will sell on his/ her behalf, and an SMS will notify him/ her to complete the application through Albilad app

In case there are missing documents from the customer application, will he be required to go to the branch to provide them?

Customer should resume the application online and submit the missing documents through Albilad app without the need to visit the branch

How to register in Mukafaat Albilad program?

  • Login to Albilad App or Albilad Net 
  • Choose “Mukafaat Albilad” icon from the main menu 
  •  Accept “Terms & Conditions” 
  • You will be automatically redirected to your account in Mukafaat Albilad program

What is the date of the statement of account? 

The statement of account is issued at the beginning of each calendar month.

What are the issuance and renewal fees for the Tamkeen Plus credit card?

All Fees are VAT exclusive

How does Bank Albilad calculate the profit?

To view the method of calculating the profit margin, click here

To view the full terms and conditions click here 

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