Albilad Multi Currency ATM

Albilad multi currency ATM

Withdraw international currencies from select ATM locations

Now, Bank Albilad cutomers and mada cardholders can withdraw cash in the following currencies:
  1. USD
  2. EUR
  3. GBP
  4. AED
  5. EGP
  6. PHP
  7. JOD
  8. KWD

This service is available at King Khaled international airport, in terminal 1 and terminal 2, and enjaz olaya branch in Riyadh. We are expanding this service in more locations in the near future.

​ATM Locations

​Terminal 1

This terminal is used for all International Flights, except those operated by Air France, Saudia, Nas Air, and Middle east Airlines.
 ATM contains (SAR- GBP  - USD - AED - EUR)

​Terminal 2

This terminal is used by Air France, Saudia and Nas Air and Middle east Airlines for their International Flights.
 ATM contains (SAR- GBP  - USD - AED - EUR)

Enjaz Olaya

Olaya St, Riyadh
  ATM contains (JOD  - GBP  - USD - AED - EUR - Peso - SAR )

Malaz Branch

Malaz Head Office ،Riyadh 
ATM contains (SAR, USD)

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