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Shop Online for Rituals through Albilad Net or Albilad App

​Bank Albilad knows how to appreciate its customers for the trust they place in us. For this purpose, your ritual can be bought online through Albilad Net ,Albilad App , securely under the supervision of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project for Utilization of Hady & Adahi (Adahi) managed by Islamic Development Bank.

Basic Features

  • Purchasing Adahi vouchers for all of the available ritual types that offered by Adahi as the following:
    • Sadaqa
    • Fidya
    • Aqiqa
    • Hady
  • Purchasing Adahi vouchers are available 24/7 at Albilad Net or Albilad App 
  • An email and SMS will be sent to the customer when the purchase and the distributing of meat to the beneficiaries is completed from “Adahi” project.

How to buy your ritual though Albilad Net ?

  • Login to Albilad Net
  • Click on Adahi Coupons from the main menu
  • Choose Ritual Types
  • Type the required quantity
  • Add delegator if needed with the delegator’s information (Optional )
  • Click “Proceed”
  • Review purchase confirmation, order summary and accept terms and conditions by clicking on “I agree”
  • Click “Confirm”

Note: Customers can review all of the purchased coupons by pressing “Purchased Adahi Coupons” from “Adahi Coupons” option for the main menu 

How to buy your ritual though Albilad App?

  • Enter Albilad App
  • Press on the shopping cart logo 
  • Press on Adahi 
  • Choose ritual types, product type and quantity
  • Add a delegator if needed with the delegator’s information (Optional as per the customer desire)
  • Press “Next”
  • Review ritual type, product type, quantity, total amount and choose source account 
  • Press on “terms and conditions” for reviewing and press next to “I agree to the terms & conditions”
  • Press on “Pay” to complete the purchase transaction

Terms & Conditions:

  • The price of Adahi voucher is 699 SAR for the European Type and 1,050 SAR for Harry and Naimi (VAT included).

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