E-voucher & Gift Cards from Bank Albilad

E-vouchers & Gift Cards

Are You Excited to Get Your E-Voucher and Gift Cards Through Albilad Net?

Bank Albilad knows how to appreciate its customers for the trust they place in us. For this purpose, we came up with Albilad E-voucher and gift cards service that can be bought online through Albilad Net.

Albilad E-vouchers offer cards for various brands dealing in game consoles, app stores, online shopping, and media library; proving to be one of the best e-voucher and gift cards services in Saudi Arabia. You can now, enjoy wide range of e-vouchers round the clock just by shopping online through Albilad Net. 

What Are the Unique Features of This E-Voucher Service?

E-vouchers are available 24/7.
The process is very simple and secure. No complicated steps to follow.
Albilad offers wide range of e-vouchers: 
o iTunes Cards for Apple App Store 
o PlayStation Cards 
o Xbox Cards 
o eBay Cards 
o Google Play Cards 
o Amazon Cards 
o Facebook Cards 
o STEAM Cards 
o Nintendo Cards

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Buy E-Voucher Through Albilad Net?

  • Login to Albilad Net.
  • Go to ‘E-vouchers’ on the left menu.
  • Choose the desired voucher.
  • Complete the purchase steps.
  • Once your purchase is successful, you will receive an SMS with the E-voucher code.

Do I need to open current account with Bank Albilad to redeem E-voucher service?

Yes, in order to avail our e-voucher service, you need to have a current account.

Do I need to visit a branch to open my current account?

No, you don’t have to visit a branch, but can open a current account with us online. Just sign in here.

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