Card issuance self-services

Card issuance self-services

You can issue your MADA/Medad card simply ( new, replaced and renewal ) through our self-service machines in designated branches.

Card issuance steps

  • Choose card issuance from screen.
  • Choose card type debit or pre-paid card.
  • Choose new, replacement or renewal.
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Enter authentication code sent to your mobile.
  • Enter fingerprint authentication and wait for your card.
  • Activate your card through ATM.
  • Cards available for issuance through the self-service machine (VISA DEBIT CLASSIC  - VISA DEBIT GOLD  - VISA DEBIT PLATINUM ) (ATHEER MEDAD INTERNET )

List of working branches

​Click on any branch to open its location on Google Maps:

Al Woroud - Riyadh
  Bank Albilad Tower -  Riyadh

Malaz - Riyadh

​Alyarmuk -Riyadh
​Rabwa -Riyadh
​Takhasosi -Riyadh
Al Safa - Jeddah

​Rehab - Jeddah
Azizyah - ​Makkah
 Corniche - ​Dammam 

​AlRawdah  - ​Dammam
​Al-Aqrabia -Kohobar
​Aldoha -Kohobar

Alsufara -biridah
Al-Rayan - ​Onaizah 

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