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Happy and looking forward to serving you through our banking agents

In an effort to be close to you and provide the best banking solutions, we at Bank Albilad are happy to provide Bank Albilad services and products through the offices and branches of our banking agents.

Bank Albilad services provided through our banking agents

  • Requesting personal finance products (new personal financing - top up financing - refinancing- Buy-out)

  • Requesting real estate finance products (Dari - Self Building - Off Plan)

  • Requesting credit cards, prepaid cards and MADA cards

  • Requesting POS Service 

  • Add customer's signature to the account was opened in a digital way 


What are the terms for Requesting products with the Agent?

The same terms of the products and services of Bank Albilad are applied. 

Are the terms and conditions different when acquiring the bank’s products through the agent?

No difference.

When visiting the agent's office, how do I make sure that the agent is approved by Bank Albilad?

By reviewing the banking agency license approved by the bank, which is prominently placed at the agent’s office or by visiting Bank Albilad website.

Are there any additional fees when Requesting a service or product from the banking agent?

There are no additional fees for providing the service through the banking agent

Are the products offered by the banking agent different from those offered by Bank Albilad?

No difference.

Will my information be kept confidential when I process the banking services through the agent?

Yes, the agent and the bank are committed to the confidentiality of customer information.

What are the ways to communicate with the bank when there is a problem or file a complaint?

If there is any complaint, we are happy to receive it via Albilad toll free 8001230000

 SMSA Muzahimiyah Branch location 

General Guidelines for Using the Banking Agent's Services

  • Valid ID card for the customer.
  • The signature must be matched while filling out the form in order to avoid rejection of the process.
  • When applying for the service, all documents related to the desired product must be completed in order to avoid rejection of the application
  • Filling out the bank's product forms with the banking agent
  • The customer is required to receive a document proving the banking agent’s receipt of any documents submitted by the customer. 

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