Personal Financing

Personal Financing

What are you waiting for? Set your goals, and we will help you achieve them!

Bank Albilad offers a unique range of services, while catering to Islamic Banking Laws .

Our Personal Financing programs, aimed to help you achieve all your personal goals.  Fulfil them through the Personal Financing programs of Bank Albilad

Choose the right financing program for you

  • Shares Financing

    Shares Financing allows you to own your stocks after we sell them to you at an agreed profit margin with a convenience payment method!

  • Top-up Financing
    Bank Albilad’s Top-up Financing plan is a highly-flexible plan, which will allow our customers to get an additional financing.
  • Refinancing
    The Refinancing Program offers utmost help in order to pay off loans that may already exist, by acquiring a new financing plan.
  • Loan against Mortgage
    Worried about cash? Get the cash you need with Bank Albilad by mortgaging your property! 

  • Buyout
    This program helps you pay any existing personal loan with other banks by getting a new financing from Bank Albilad.

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