Online International Money Transfer

Enjoy the best fees for international money transfers in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to transfer internationally from Saudi Arabia without waiting in long queues?

The most convenient way to transfer internationally from Saudi Arabia is through Albilad Electronic Channels via Enjaz Payment Services Company. The electronic channels include Albilad Net, Albilad App, Albilad ATMs,  Enjaz Self-service Machine , Enjaz Points of Sale and Enjaz App  

Send your money to your loved ones from Saudi Arabia instantly through more than 800,000 agents worldwide. This is one of the most sought e-Services in the Kingdom. It lets you benefit in terms of convenience, speed and security; while transferring internationally from Saudi Arabia to around 200 countries worldwide via Enjaz services i.e. Enjaz Easy, Western Union, Transfast, and Swift.

Why Bank Albilad international money transfer is the best service?

  • It’s Easy: Transfer money internationally from Saudi Arabia to your family online at anytime and anywhere. You simply log in to Albilad Net or Albilad App.
  • It’s Most Convenient: Perform transactions without visiting any branch and waiting in long queues.
  • It’s the Fastest Channel: Speedy and Instant transfers to your home.
  • It’s Secure: Transfer internationally with a well-secured channel.

What are the distinctive features of each Enjaz Payment Services Company?

Enjaz Easy

  • Instant transfer.
  • Wide network of Enjaz correspondent partners.
  • Available in cash over the counter and credit to account.
  • Ability to credit amount transferred to any 3rd party bank account.

Western Union

  • Instant transfer.
  • Transfer to more than 500,000 agents worldwide.
  • Available in more than 200 countries.


  • Instant transfer to India and Ethiopia.
  • Transfer to 300,000 agents around the world.
  • Available in cash over the counter and credit to account.


  • Transfer takes from 1-3 days to be delivered to beneficiary .
  • Transfer to more than 100 Correspondent partners worldwide.
  • Ability to credit amount transferred to any 3rd party bank account.

*Transfast is not available through Albilad App.


Do I need to have current account with Bank Albilad to transfer internationally online via Enjaz Payment Services Company?

Yes, you just need to open a current account  with Bank Albilad, and then register in the online banking ‘Albilad Net’

How can I register for Enjaz service on Albilad Net and App?

Follow these easy steps to avail Enjaz service (for Albilad Net and Albilad App):

  • Login to Albilad App or Albilad Net. Haven’t created an account yet? Open an account online now! 
  • Choose type of transfer service from the main menu.
  • Add the beneficiary.
  • Activate the beneficiary by calling Albilad phone or visiting nearest Albilad ATM.
  • Choose the beneficiary from the menu.
  • Fill in the transfer information and perform online transfer easily.

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