Enjaz self- service Machine

Enjaz self- service Machine

What is Enjaz self- service Machine?

The new Enjaz self- service Machine is a state of the art self-service solution that will enable Enjaz customers to remit money to their loved ones without the hassle of waiting in a queue at the teller counter.. Customers will have the option to choose the type of transactions service whether it is Enjaz easy, Western Union, Transfast, or Swift. This new solution also offers customers a fast, secure & easy way to remit money by accepting both cash or mada card (for all local banks), and it supports different languages such as ( Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Malalyam, Indonesian, Tagalog, Bengali ).   


  • Ability to perform all remittance services worldwide through network of partners extending to more than 200 countries.
  • View the best remittance price by using the remittance calculator service.
  • Instant transaction status.
  • View transaction statement for last 3 or 6 months.
  • Support Eight languages ( Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Malalyam, Indonesian, Tagalog, Bengali ).
  • Ability to pay in cash or through POS with m ada card (for all banks).
  • Availability for all remittance services (Enjaz Easy, Western Union, Transfast and SWIFT).
  • High speed and security.


Q: should I have Enjaz CIF in order to utilize the service from this machine?


Q: Can I add a new beneficiary?

Adding a new beneficiary is possible through Enjaz App or through customer service desk or the teller counter.

Q: What type of Card can I use to transfer?

Mada card from any Saudi Banks

Q: What if my transaction is failed and the money is debited from my bank account?

You may immediately contact the branch manager and raise a complaint.

Q: What happens if the money is not credited to my beneficiary account?

You may raise a complaint with the branch customer Service or at the teller counter or you may reach our Call center thru 920011541 for registering a complaint.

Q: Can I do foreign currency exchange through KIOSK machines?

NO, foreign currency exchanges can only be done at Teller counters ​within the branches.

The Self Service machines are available in the below Enjaz Centers ​

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