Transfer to Bangladesh and get 2% extra

Transfer to Bangladesh and get 2% extra

Transfer from Enjaz to Bangladesh and get 2% extra on the receiver side

Enjaz is happy to announce that as per the new initiative by the government of Bangladesh, beneficiaries will now receive an extra 2% of the amount sent to Bangladesh (applicable on both Cash pick up & to any bank account in Bangladesh).

Any Enjaz customer who transfer money to Bangladesh thru EnjazEasy or TransFast from Enjaz channels or Bank Albilad E-channels (Albilad mobile app, Albilad Net, Albilad ATM, Enjaz self-service machine, Enjaz POS, Enjaz centers). the receiver will get extra 2% of the amount sent to Bangladesh.

EnjazEasy partners in Bangladesh

  • Islami Bank Bangladesh
  • Sonali Bank
  • Agrani Bank
  • BRAC Bank Limited
  • National Bank Limited
  • Prime Bank Limited
  • AB Bank Limited
  • Southeast Bank Limited
  • Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
  • Pubali Bank limited
  • Janata Bank Limited
  • TransFast

Terms and conditions apply

  • If the sent amount is less or equal to 1,500 USD, then receiver will get the incentive directly.
  • If the sent amount is more than 1,500 USD, then the receiver must submit mandatory documents in Bangladesh to get the incentive.
  • The government of Bangladesh is responsible to pay the extra 2% amount through the beneficiary bank, and there is no responsibilities on Enjaz or Bank AlBliad if the extra 2% amount is not paid by the government of Bangladesh

If the Customer transfer 120.000 Taka, the receiver in Bangladesh will get 120,000 + 2% = 122,400 Taka   

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