Online International Transfer via Western Union

Enjoy the best fees for international money transfers in Saudi Arabia

​Western Union transfer fees are now fixed!

Transfer Internationally through Bank Albilad E-channels via Western Union with ease ,security & safety and enjoy the special fees with high exchange rate.

You can transfer internationally now online through any of Bank Albilad e-channels:  Albilad NetAlbilad App, Albilad ATMs.

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What are the features of the online transfer via Western Union and Bank Albilad?

  • Transfer up to 7500$ monthly.
  • Competitive fees
  • Competitive exchange rate
  • Remitters can refund the whole amount if preferred.
  • Instant transfer.
  • More than 525 payout agents to collect the amount.

Terms and Conditions 

  •  Fees apply only to customers transferred through Bank AlBilad Channels( AlBilad Net, AlBilad ATM, Albilad smart phone).


Do I need to have current account with Bank Albilad to transfer internationally online via Western Union?

Yes, you just need to open a current account  with Bank Albilad, and then register in the online banking ‘Albilad Net’ or 'Albilad App

How to transfer money internationally using Western Union on Albilad Net and App?

Follow these easy steps to avail Enjaz service (for Albilad Net and Albilad App):

  • Login to Albilad App or Albilad Net. Haven’t created a current account yet? Open an account online now! 
  • Choose Western Union service from the main menu.
  • Add the beneficiary.
  • Activate the beneficiary by calling Albilad phone or visiting nearest Albilad ATM.
  • Choose the beneficiary from the menu.
  • Fill in the transfer information and perform online transfer easily!

Download Enjaz App Now!

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