Transfer internationally online with Enjaz

Transfer internationally via Enjaz services online through Albilad Electronic Channels

We at Bank Al Bilad strive to provide you with the easiest ways to transfer your money internationally to your loved ones online. Now you can benefit from Enjaz transfer services online through Albilad electronic channels (Albilad net – Albilad App  – Albilad ATM – Enjaz self-service Machine) without the need to stand in long waiting lines in the branch. You can now transfer internationally online though Albilad electronic channels to more than 800,000 agents worldwide in 200 countries using (Enjaz easy - Western Union – Transfast - Swift).

Albilad electronic channels Features

  • Ease ... Bank AlBilad customer can transfer money to their loved ones at anytime anywhere !
  • Convenience ... no need to visit the branch and wait in the queue.
  • Speed ... Fast & instant transfers 
  • Security ... transfer internationally in a secure way.

Enjaz services Features

Enjaz Easy
  • Instant transfers
  • Enjaz Wide correspondent partners network
  • Available for Cash over counter & credit to account.
  • Ability to credit transfer to 3rd party Bank Account

Western Union
  • Instant transfer
  • Transfer to more than 500,000 agents around the world
  • Available in more than 200 country around the world

  • Instant transfer to India & Ethiopia
  • Transfer to 300,00 agents around the world
  • Available in Cash over counter & credit to account.

  • Same Day Transfer
  • Transfer to more than 100 Correspondent partners world wide.
  • Ability to credit to any 3rd Party Bank Account.

​Albilad net​Albilad App​Albilad ATM ​Enjaz App 
​Enjaz self-service Machine​(POS) Remittance
Enjaz easyAvailable​
​Western Union​Available​
​Transfast Available​Unavailable ​Available​​Available
Available​​Unavailable ​
Enjaz SWIFT​AvailableAvailable​Available

How to benefit from this service ?

  • You just need to open a current account with Bank Albilad, and then register in the online banking " Albilad Net"
  • ​You don't have an account ? Open your account now  online !

Enjoy this new experience by following these steps ( for Albilad Net & App) 

  • ​Log in to Albilad net or App
  • Choose type of service from main menu
  • Add the beneficiary
  • Activate the beneficiary by calling Albilad phone  920001002  or visiting nearest Albilad ATM
  • Choose the beneficiary from the menu
  • Fill transfer information & execute the transfer 

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