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Bank Albilad with Soft Token

What is Multifactor Authentication (MFA)?

A Multifactor Authentication provides Bank Albilad customers with higher level of security during using e-channel services aiming to protect customer financial information and transaction. It requires to enter one-time password (OTP)in order to complete your inquiry or transaction that is available in e-channel.  
Once you login successfully, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with an OTP to complete your login session. 
Now you can use “Albilad Token” where you can receive OTP to avoid waiting for the SMS.

What is ‘Albilad Soft Token?

AlBilad Soft Token is an app that allows you to generate OTP to authenticate your banking inquiries and transactions through Online services. It is an alternative of receiving SMS from anywhere any time. 

What are the types of Multi authentication factor system?

Mobile Token:

  • Soft token app is available to download through smart phones and allows the customer to generate OTP.
  • Soft Token app is available in various versions suitable for Apple, Blackberry, Android, Java devices, and other smart phones.
  • Ability to use it without the need for a mobile network or Internet connectivity

Device Token

  • A small device that allows you to generate One-time password (OTP) on the go.
  • Ability to use it without the need for a mobile network or Internet connectivity


What are the key features of ‘Soft Token’ application?

  • It’s an app in your mobile phone that can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • Suitable to use from outside the kingdom
  • Suitable for low or no coverage areas, as no network is required.
  • No extra charges on transferring application between mobiles, only reactivation is required.

How to Register to the ‘Soft Token’ Authentication?

Download Soft Token that's compatible with the operating system of your mobile.
After installing the Soft Token, please activate it through Albilad Net or Call Center.

How to Activate Soft Token through Albilad Net?

  • Open AlBilad Tokin app to generate Serial Number
  • Log in to Albilad Net .
  • Select ‘Token Manage’ from the main menu, then click on activation button 
  • Choose Mobile token from the top menu 
  • Then select the mobile platform and enter the serial number in Albilad Net that appears to you in the application without using (-) and then proceed 
  • Enter the activation code that appears to you in Albilad Net in the application and then and press the ‘Next’ button from the application only.
  • Enter the registration code that appears in AlBilad Token in Albilad Net and press the ‘Proceed’ button to confirm activation. 
  • The activation will be within 24 hours. You will receive SMS after activation.

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