Albilad Virtual Card

Albilad Virtual Card

Wary about online shopping? You don’t need to be. 

Albilad Prepaid Virtual Card is the solution for all your worries. You can now instantly issue the card online and have the autonomy to shop online after you fund it from your current account. 

How Does This Card Benefit You?

  • Save yourself from visiting branch, issue the card instantly online  through Albilad Net
  • No need to carry around a physical card
  • Reload your card free of cost online though Albilad Net or Albilad app
  • Restrict your spending limit accordingly
  • Secure yourself from online thefts and credit scams

How can I issue Albilad virtual card ? 

  • Log on to Albilad Net.
  • Choose a virtual card under ‘banking products request list’.
  • Select the card type and the current account to be linked with, and then click continue.
  • Choose the preferred design.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • The card will be issued instantly with all cards’ details needed for online shopping (card number, expiration date, and CVV). Enjoy your shopping !

Terms and Conditions

  • It is mandatory for you to be registered on Albilad Net.
  • You should maintain a sufficient balance in your account for card issuance fee.   Zero fees 
  • To viewAlbilad Virtual Card Terms & Conditions Click Here


What are the charges for using the card online?

None, but there is a 2.5% fee on each transaction in foreign currency only.

Is there a charge on transferring amount from the card to current account or vice versa?


How can I recharge the card?

Through Albilad app, Albilad Net, ATM, or phone banking.

Is it possible to use Virtual Card at points of sale (POS) or ATMs?


What is the difference between Medad cards and Virtual cards?

Medad cards can be used at points of sale, ATMs, and online shopping. However, Virtual card can be used for online shopping only.

How many cards can be issued for a single customer?

Four cards for each customer.

What are the card fees?

Fee Structure:

​Issuance Fees
 Zero fees 
Annual Fee
SAR 50    Lifetime Zero fees 
Optional issuer fee on foreign currencies
Objections SAR 50 
*All Fees are VAT exclusive

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