Cash Deposit Machines For Corporate

​Bank Albilad provides the secure cash deposit machines that are installed in the locations of corporate , merchants and commercial centers under the supervision and control of the bank, with the utmost protection to provide the optimal, fastest and safe solution for depositing collected cash amounts instantly and around the clock - without the need to visit Bank Albilad branches.

Service Features

  • Providing the service to our customers around the clock
  • Cash limit up to 12,000 banknotes with a total value of 5 million Saudi Riyals
  • Configurable cassettes according to the client's needs
  • Instant deposit to your account in a safe and easy way
  • The possibility of depositing in more than one account for one device
  • Possibility to manage large number of users
  • Acceptance of all cash denominations

Terms and Conditions

  • Open current account with Bank Albilad 
  • Cash deposit machine installation agreement

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