POS Financing Program

 POS Financing Program

The POS Financing Program by Bank Albilad is offered to Micro and Small Enterprises to support their operational needs and expansions for up to  6 million riyals from some scopes , against cash inflow from point of sale devices for the last 12 months.

Features of POS financing program

  • Facilities up to 6 million riyals
  • Financing period up to 36 months
  • Grace period up to 6 months
  • Settlement on Monthly Instalments 

General Requirements 

  •  Minimum 2 years in business, as per Commercial Registration
  •  Availability of POS devices from Bank Albilad or any other bank, for a minimum period of 12 months


What is the meaning of POS collection ?

It is the revenue from business through POS  

How to calculate the maximum limit of financing ?

the maximum limit of financing will be calculated by 20% of POS revenue and limited to SAR 6 million for period of 12 months 

What is the mechanism of Grace Period ?

The tenor is including 6 months Grace Period (first 6 months) as POS program is under LGP 

Does the program include fees?

Yes, between 1% to 2%

An example of how the POS Financing Program is calculated:

Type of Financing

POS Financing Program

Financing Calculation Method

Amount X Profit Rate/ 360 X No. of Days


  20% of cash inflow from point of sale devices for the last 12 months 

Profit Rate


Profit Calculation Method


No. of Financing Days




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