E-commerce payment platform

E-commerce payment platform

Bank Albilad offers a wide range of advanced technology solutions that cater to all types of businesses and provide the best electronic payment technologies.
Bank Albilad offers you multiple electronic payment solutions for your online store to ensure that your customers are able to make purchases for any of your products or services online.
We provide electronic payment service in all its types (Mada, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard). The e-commerce payment platform is an extremely safe service. We at Bank Albilad provide our customers with an easy, flexible and secure business environment.

What are the features of e-commerce payment platform?

  • Providing secure online payment solutions to our e-store customers.
  • Direct connection with MPGS or any service provider.
  • Provide triple protection service to add an additional layer of security to the electronic payment process.
  • Reducing fraud transactions.
  • Safe and fast payment solutions by e-store customers.
  • Easy and safe collection of payments.
  • Accept all types of cards, Mada, Visa, Master Card and Apple Pay.
  • Daily and immediate reports of the daily transfers and deposits of the online store account.

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