Soft POS Via Smart Devices

Soft point of sale via smart devices … The All-New!

Bank Albilad is pleased to announce the release of the new generation of point of sale devices (digital version).
The digital version of the point of sale devices is an application that replaces the (traditional) point of sale device with all its capabilities through your smart phone. 
The app works to accept all digital financial transactions through your smartphone using NFC technology (contactless) for all Android devices.

Soft POS Features ..

  • Clear and simple user interface to ensure a better customer experience.
  • Ease of access to operations by the merchant at any time through the app.
  • The possibility of issuing payment receipts electronically instead of traditional (paper) receipts, as they can be shared with the customer electronically by scanning the code for the process through the customer’s mobile camera, or by sending the receipt code to the customer via the customer’s e-mail, or by sharing the receipt with the customer By sending it via SMS.
  • Continuous development and security updates to ensure the latest technology in payment services.
  • Easy movement as the app is installed on the merchant smart phone.

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