Direct Investment

Direct Investment by Bank Albilad

Invest with peace of mind! ​​

Bank Albilad offers customers an Islamic investment structure facilitated though Purchase and Sale of a commodity using global commodity exchanges brokers instead of the conventional time deposit structures. The product mechanism starts when the customer appoints Bank Albilad as an agent to purchase commodity on his behalf at an agreed price and date. The Bank completes the transaction on trade date - value same day. Once customer receives commodity title, the Bank offers to purchase the commodity from the customer with delivery of commodity on the same date and funds settled deferred. The deferred payment date will correspond to the investment terms agreed between customer and Bank Albilad who will facilitate all aspects of the commodity transactions on behalf of the client.

Features & benefits

  • Fully Shari'ah compliant investment structure (Murabaha)
  • Low risk and competitive investment prices
  • Flexible investment periods from 1 month to 1 year
  • Easy execution of investment transactions​

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