Letter of Guarantee for Labor Recruitment

Letter of Guarantee for Labor Recruitment

Bank Albilad is keen to serve its customers at all levels by providing what meets their business needs. The recruitment financing Program is intended to issue letter of guarantee addressed to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Program Features

  • Cash margin up to 10%. Take advantage of your cash flow to expand your business
  • Simple and fast credit process
  • Competitive prices
  • Salary transfer service for your employees at competitive prices
  • Benefiting from Enjaz transfers via electronic channels.

General Conditions

  1. The letter of guarantee is intended for the issuance of licenses for the activity of recruitment offices and companies
  2. The letter of guarantee should be issued in the form of the final guarantee
  3. Minimum 2 years in business, as per the license

Required Documents

  1. Legal Documents 
  2. Clean SIMAH history 


What is the Guarantee Period?

The guarantee period is up to 7 years

What is the Guarantee issuance commission?

The commission ranges for issuing guarantees, based on credit criteria, in addition to the cash margin provided by the customer and the guarantee period

How can I apply for letter of guarantee?

Call our Business Banking Phone No 8001237777
Or fill out the application through the following link

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