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The Bank's Strategy and Future Plans

The Bank's Strategy and Future Plans:

In 2017, the Board of Directors approved the updating and extending of the bank's strategy to cover the period 2017 – 2021. The approval took place in conformity with the bank's continuous commitment to corporate values, current economic changes and review
of the strategy directions. Review focused on the following:
• Expected investment opportunities;
• Acceptable levels of risk in accomplishing the bank's vision and objectives which comprise the following:
Increasing the bank's market share;
Achieving growth in earnings and net profits;
Expanding the bank's capital base.

​The bank continued to develop strategy plans, mainly, targeting expansion of the base of business sector clients, inclusive of different segments. Furthermore, introducing new and safe products and services to meet their ambitions. The strategy plans also included enhancing the effectiveness of the bank's financial and banking channels. Moreover, such plans aim, in general, at increasing productivity by means of improving the procedures and the performance and distribution of the branches. In addition to the locations of the automated teller machines, as well as developing the technical and operating infrastructure.

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