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Bank Albilad is pleased to announce that all shareholders can now inquire about the unpaid dividends through Bank Albilad website. The shareholders can enquire about their earnings for the previous years using their ID number (National ID or Iqama). The details of the earnings amount will not be disclosed in order to preserve confidentiality of information For a shareholder.

Bank Albilad also urges all shareholders who have not received their dividends for the previous years to visit the nearest branch of Bank Albilad or to contact the Investor Relations Department phone at 0114798585 or by fax 0114798505 during the official working hours of the bank or e-mail us at Shareholders@bankalbilad.com

To inquire about unpaid dividends, please use the following form

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​The bank works to provide updated data on unclaimed dividends. For more information, please contact your financial broker or visit the nearest branch of the bank.

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