Fathkrony App

Fathkrony App by Bank Albilad

​The ultimate app any Muslims may need!

As a part of our social responsibility, Bank Albilad has developed Fathkrony App, the ultimate App any Muslim may need. Featuring the full Quran with Arabic scripts, Prayers time according to your location, Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, etc..

What’s Amazing in Fathkrony?

  • Accurate Prayer time calculator based on your current location, in addition to manual select of another city.
  • Audio notifications for prayer time, with the ability to edit notification ringtone.
  • The Holy Quran, with the ability to schedule reading the Quran during selected number of days.
  • Qibla compass to show you prayer direction to Kaaba.
  • Hijrri calendar , and events list for Saudi Arabia.
  • Prayers (Azkar) including multiple sections of azkar, such as: Morning Azkar, Evening Azkar, After Prayer Azkar and more, all prayers are based on the authorized book (Husn Al-Muslim).
  • The remaining time for the next prayer.

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