Financial Results

F​irst Quarter

Second Quarter​​

​Third Quarter​​

​End of Year​​

For 2024 the first quarter

For 2023 the
f​irst quarter​

​For 2023 the second quarter​​
​​​​For 2023 the third quarter​​ 
​For 2023 End of Year
​For 2022 the 
f​irst quarter

​​​For 2022 the second quarter​​
​​​For 2022 the third quarter​​ 
​For2022 End of Year 
For 2021 the
f​irst quarter

​​For 2021 the second quarter​​
​​For 2021the third quarter​​ 
​For 2020 the second quarter​​
For 2020  the third quarter​​ 
For 2020 End of Year​​ 
For 2019  the
 f​irst quarter
 For 2019 the second quarter​​
For 2019  the third quarter​​ 
For 2019 End of Year​​ 
For 2018  the first quarter 
 For 2018  the second quarter​​
For 2018  the third quarter​​ 
For 2018 End of Year​​ 
 For2017 the first quarter 
 For 2017 the second quarter
For 2017 the third quarter
For2017 End of Year 
For  2016 the first quarter 
For 2016  the second quarter 
 For  2016 the third quarter
For 2016 end of year 
 For 2015  the first quarter 
 For 2015  the second quarter 
 For 2015 the third quarter
 For 2015 end of year 
For 2014 the first quarter
 For 2014  the second quarter
 For 2014 the third quarter 
 For 2014  end of year
 For 2013  the first quarter
For 2013  the second quarter
For  2012 the third quarter 
For 2012 end of year 
 For 2012 the first quarter
 For 2012 the second quarter 
For 2012  the third quarter
 For 2012  end of year 
 For 2011 the first quarter 
For 2011 the second quarter 
 For 2011 the third quarter 
For 2011  end of year
For 2010  the first quarter
 For 2010  the second quarter
 For 2010  the third quarter 
 For 2010 end of year 
 For 2009 the first quarter
 For2009 the second quarter
For 2009 the third quarter
 For 2009 end of year 
 For 2008 the first quarte
 For 2008 the second quarter 
 For 2008 the third quarter 
 For 2008 end of year 
 For 2007  the first quarter
 For 2007 the second quarter 
 For 2007 the third quarter 
 For 2007 end of year
 For 2006  the first quarter
 For 2006  the second quarter 
For  2006 the third quarter 
 For 2006 end of year 
For 2005  period from April 19 - December 31

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