Sharia Board

Shariah Board in Bank Albilad

Bank Albilad Has Since Its Inception Committed to The Application of The Islamic principles in All of Its Transactions. How it Was Made Possible?

In accordance with Bank Albilad policy, which stipulated the Bank's commitment in its transactions to the principles of Islam; our Shariah team started working as a part of the bank establishment team on 2004 to ensure that every solution, initiative or product offered by the bank is shariah-compliant.  

What Does the Shariah Board Do?

Bank Albilad Shariah board is responsible for the compliance with the shariah laws and its role is prominent particularly in the following aspects:

  • The Bank does not implement any product, contract, or agreement unless it has been submitted to, and been approved by the Shariah Board.
  • Decisions of the Sharia Board are binding.
  • The Sharia Board contributes to the development of all products to ensure they are fully Shariah compliant.
  • The Sharia Board disseminates the awareness regarding the Islamic banking solutions and concepts within and outside the bank.

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